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 Rustic Dining Tables

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Welcome to a " Uniquedesignbypaul" I aim to create a sophisticated individual piece of furniture. Each piece of furniture is handmade by myself created with care and attention to detail. The dining table is made from high-quality kiln-dried 50 mil and 80 mil Canadian redwood timber and very heavy-duty strong metal legs that are British-made are locally sourced within the U.K.
Product Feature:
1. Handcrafted, each piece of furniture is handmade by myself created with care and attention to detail
2. Brand new
3. Hand waxed both sides and hard wax oil protective to lengthen the overall appearance
4. Product shade can be slightly different due to different light settings and the differences in the grain of different wood type
5. Each table is made from 50 mil or 80 mil timber timber each individual piece of timber has its own natural beauty of wood grains, which created a character to the complete finish.
6. The frame legs come with Velcro pads to allow our clients to move their tables with minimum ease.

Table sizes range from 140cm to 300 cm
Bench sizes range from 100cm to 240 cm
Desk sizes range from  120cm to 180 cm
Coffee table size range from 100cm to 200 cm
We also provide the other furniture accessories such as wooden serving boards, shelves, etc, and accommodate the custom made.
What is Kiln-dried wood?
  • Kiln-dried wood is wood that has been dried in an oven (kiln). With a kiln, you can control the environment such as temperature, humidity, and steam levels for a set period. Allowing you to dry wood to the desired moisture content faster than air-drying.
  • Kiln-dried timber has a superior finish to air-dried timber, and it does not need to adapt once it is on-site, as it will keep a constant moisture content. This means that you don’t have to waste any time, space, and money keeping timber stored on site. It can also be treated or painted straight away.
  • Kiln drying provides the best control of relative humidity, temperature, and air circulation over any other method of drying timber. Weather Conditions Don’t Affect the Kiln or the Timber Solar or air drying is dependent upon weather conditions.
To produce our furniture, we use kiln-dried Canadian redwood timber, each piece of timber has its own unique characteristics which will differ from order to order. These beautiful unique characteristics include patterns, cracks in the wood, dents that are worked into, as well as grain and pigment variations, and so on, therefore, each piece of furniture is expected to be different in many ways. It is a natural product and whilst every piece of timber is kiln-dried which has been seasoned and dried to reduce splitting and warping. However, is a natural timber for temperature changes certain levels of movement and splits may still occur. Also, the natural curvature in the timbers is what gives our table tops their final unique look. Meaning that they are NOT FLAT they are RUSTIC as advertised being so, the overall look will be lost if the boards have been passed through a thicknessing machine.
Extending table: Problems/Solutions
The extending tables are cut from the entire overall length for asthitic appearence,there for movement in the leaves may occure.
If this happens! it can be rectified there for if you have or experiencing problems with the leaves of your extending table due to timber movement. Simply turn your table over and unscrew your butterflies and adjust until they slide smoothly again!
It may also be a good idea to keep it in its extended state so that they climitise to their new environment.
Any further problem please call me directly for assistance 07576421621. Thank you
    Table care:
Use coaster or placements to help prevent marks or stains. Wipe the item clean with a soft, dry cloth after each use. To care for your table an application of hard wax oil would be a great recommendation, and the appliance is simply to apply with a lint free cloth liberally across your entire product twice yearly.The oil soaks into the the grain of the wood giving the material its best protection. Then to rejuvenate your table work in with the chosen wax tone...

example of timber characters

table size guide

Table size guide by uniquedesignbypaul

Our furniture comes  with 2 selections of colours Rugger brown(lighter colour) and Jacobean (darker colour).Please see the examples of the colours from our previous  furniture instorlations 


Rugger brown