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    Dining table 80 mil range

Exclusive handcrafted dining table made from extra thick timbers high-quality kiln-dried 80 mil Canadian redwood timber allow for longer durability and simply look stunning. The table comes with a very heavy-duty strong metal leg selection of cast iron legs ,X frame and Trepezium legs. They are completely 100% British made which is locally sourced within the U.K. 

  Cast iron legs

Take a look at our latest table range, these cast iron legs would suit any interior, perfect for adding that industrial touch to a dining space. Our tables range in either "New York " ( 2 bars in the middle) , "London England" ( 1 bar in the middle) and "Covent Garden"(1 bar in the middle) solid cast iron legs.

Product feature:

1. 100 % handmade

2. Brand new

3. Hand waxed both sides, also hard wax oil coating to lengthen the overall appearance.

4. Product shade can be slightly different due to different light settings and the differences in the grain of different wood types.

5. This product is made from 80 mill timbers.

6. The frame legs come with Velcro pads to give our clients the opportunity to move their tables with minimum ease.


Type: Industrial Steel Trapezium Legs , X frame and cast iron legs
Colour: Rugger brown or Jacobean
Material: 80 mil timber thickness and metal legs

Table: Length from: 140cm to 240cm Width: 90cm Height: 78cm 

Bench: Length from 100cm to 200cm Width:38 cm Height:48cm

Table and bench sizes guildline:

Table 140cm Bench 100cm

Table 160cm Bench 120cm

Table 180cm Bench 140cm

Table 200cm Bench 160cm

Table 220cm Bench 180cm

Table 240cm Bench 200cm

Dining table 80 mil products

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